Premium CBD Oil, made with love!

Our CBD oil is made from Hemp plants that are specially and only cultivated for the production of CBD. Our CBD oil is not a by-product of Industrial Hemp. This is unique in Europe!

This creates our Premium quality CBD oil. This is something that we are very proud of. The lab results clearly reflect our Premium quality.

Our 10% CBD oil, 5% CBD oil and 2.5% CBD oil are very well priced. We are happy to give advice on how you can find your best dosage. This is very important when you’re using CBD oil.

What remains is of course your experience, because it is and remains the best teacher! Experience our products, service, love, attention and guidance, because you deserve that! If you have direct questions about dosage or our products request a free consult here.

A premium CBD oil deserves high-quality ingredients.

Our cannabis oil is made from the highest quality CBD oil. The semi-finished product we use to manufacture our final product consists of 56,1% CBD and 9 other cannabinoids and 15 terpenes. These are valuable active ingredients that intensify and complement each other.

We dilute our oil with cold pressed organic hempseed oil because the biological assimilability is higher than with other oils. Hempseed oil is also very gentle to your gastrointestinal tract. This combination has proven to bring great results.

The CBD oil we offer has a beautiful copper-golden color. We assure you that we only use the highest quality raw materials. So, when taking it, you will know that you are using a premium quality product.

CBD premium oil - promises

  • 100% all natural product
  • Dutch brand
  • Premium quality, we only use the best of the best
  • Free shipping with orders in a value of € 49,- and higher
  • Order before 5 pm on a working day means same day shipping
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Over 3,000 returning customers
  • Access to our topic-wide ‘Knowledge’ database
  • Personal advice
  • Consult free of charge
  • High-end service. We take the time to serve you as our customer


We value service to our customers highly. With the utmost pleasure, we share our knowledge about cannabis with you and explain how this extraordinary plant helps people. Reach out to us, we will make time to assist you.

What our customers say

My experience with CBD is very good. I prefer a natural product, something that doesn’t harm the inside of the body. The oil helps me get through some rough patches when I experience stress. I take 2 drops a day. This way, my thoughts are more at ease. The problems that I encounter are easier to face. Thanks for the perfect service.

For 8 years, I had trouble sleeping, often related to a busy lifestyle. Due to the lack of sleep, I noticed that I started worrying. During the day, I experienced a lack of energy. Since 1 month now, I have been using a special oil that, thankfully, I ordered via They did not only send me the oil, but they also gave me personal advice on how to spend the evenings preparing for a good night’s sleep. Thanks to their pointers, I now sleep like a baby, and I can enjoy the daytime as well.

Very often, I noticed that my day-to-day lifestyle kept me quite busy. Stressful work and doing overtime. Since I use drops of CBD on a daily basis, I feel more at ease. My head is more clear. This lets me put things into perspective. I don’t feel worn out during the evenings when I come home, and I appreciate the little things in life again. Thanks,, your consults are very helpful, and your service is excellent.