Cannabis oil: how to use it
8 May 2018
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Buying medicinal CBD weed oil

Buying medicinal CBD weed oil

Are you planning to buy medicinal CBD weed oil and would you like to know where you can order it online? Do you find it difficult to find the answers to your questions among the overload of contrasting facts and figures? It is not easy to value the information provided online.

The variety of names you find about medicinal cannabis oil or weed oil is striking. Besides these names, also mediweed oil, hashish oil, and hempseed oil can be found. Every supplier provides their description of one of the terms used.

From our customers, we know that many have been searching for quite a while. Luckily, through a personal consult (which is free of charge) we have been able to help them. We look forward to helping you as well.

To get you on your way today, we will describe the CBD weed oil offers. This contains, aside from a high level of CBD, also 9 other cannabinoids and 15 terpenes. You will found out what the difference is between weed oil that falls under the Controlled Substances Act and the weed oil we sell.

Cannabis on doctor’s prescription versus CBD oil available online

As per September 2003, in The Netherlands, general practitioners can prescribe medicinal cannabis to their patients. In reality, this does not happen very often because officially mediweed is not yet accepted as a medicine. The cannabis a doctor can prescribe is the same as the soft-drug you would buy in a coffee shop. Pharmaceutical cannabis is grown under the supervision of the Cannabis Bureau, which is an official Dutch governmental body. This particular kind meets the extremely high demands and is free from pesticides. The cannabis used as a soft-drug is no such thing.

The weed oil on doctor’s prescription is available in various proportions of THC and CBD. The substance THC is the psychoactive substance that leads to a ‘high’. Every sort of weed oil with more than 0.05% THC falls under the Controlled Substances Act. The healing substances cannabinoids (among which CBD) and terpenes do not have a psychoactive effect at all.  

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Similarities and differences

The differences or similarities between weed oil, cannabis as a soft-drug, and CBD oil are shown in the chart below. In this case, with weed oil, we refer to the oil that only doctors can prescribe. Cannabis is referred to as the dried flower tips you can buy at coffee shops. CBD oil is the form of weed oil available online.

Weed oilCannabisCBD oil
psychoactive THCyesyesno
high concentration of CBDsometimes?yes
multiple cannabinoïdesyes?yes
multiple terpenes??yes
easy dosageyesnoyes
free from pesticidesyesnoyes
doctor’s prescriptionyesnono
available onlinenonoyes


The healing substances from the cannabis plant provide a medicinal effect. The psychoactive substance THC brings peace to people who suffer from, for instance, pains and cramps. CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes are, according to patients, said to have a healing effect for various ailments and illnesses. We can conclude that the term ‘medicinal’ applies to every pure form of weed oil, cannabis oil, and CBD oil.


Unfortunately, not much research has been done to find out more about the healing properties of cannabis. The results clients experience show that they feel a soothing effect. Most say their complaints have reduced or even minimized. Scientists and doctors suspect a curing effect exists, but it is difficult to submit ill people to research. Not everyone is open to the idea of taking part in research. Also, cannabis oil has a different effect on every single person.

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Cannabis oil produced with passion

At, we have one very significant drive. That is the passion for cannabis and every related product made from medicinal cannabis. Literally, we put all our love and care into it to provide the best CBD oil available.

Every processing stage of the medicinal cannabis is 100% organic. We use the best of the best products only so you can purchase the best quality possible. We pride ourselves in selling and supplying many returning customers who want to use our Premium CBD oil only.

How do I use medicinal CBD weed oil?

About the usage of medicinal CBD weed oil in the form of our Premium CBD oil, we have written a separate article. Here, you will find more information about the Premium CBD oil composition, and you will find out what it can do for you. Want to know how CBD oil can soothe your complaints immediately? Apply for a free consult. We will answer your personal questions. Rest assured that all information you share with us will be treated confidentially.

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How can I order CBD oil?

Ordering CBD oil that suits you best is easy and quickly via our webshop. If you require further information, please review the dedicated page of our Premium CBD oil {LINK CBD oil} and find out what it can do for you. Of course, you are welcome to contact us directly with any question you might have. We will revert as soon as possible.

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