What are the CBD oil results?

On a daily basis, we receive positive feedback via e-mail and telephone from customers who have experienced benefits from cannabis oil. According to our clients, our premium CBD oil can support the symptoms, ailments, and pains due to illnesses such as rheumatism, Parkinson’s disease, and COPD. Besides these, we also receive messages from people who suffer from epilepsy, psoriasis, and arthrosis. Also, people diagnosed with ADHD and ADD claim to benefit from CBD oil.

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Our point of view on the effects of CBD oil

We aim to be open and honest about our products. Although unfortunately, not much research has been done to confirm the results for each ailment, the experiences are very positive. The common denominator of all the experiences is that people feel less pain and increased relaxation.

Cannabisolie.com sells CBD oil as a food supplement. We will never give you medical advice, and we recommend to consult with your treating family doctor or specialist. We have experienced the healing properties. Also our but mostly our customers’ experiences say it all. With the utmost respect for the medical world, we encourage people to find their personal truth regarding CBD oil. Use the oil in combination with your daily diet and medication for a better balance.

THC oil experiences

You will not find any experiences or results of using THC oil on this website because we are not allowed to sell this product. That is due to the substance THC which has a psychoactive effect. This particular oil falls under the opium law (controlled substances act). Selling this online is prohibited. You can, however, read experiences online about Rick Simpson oil. His RSO-oil does contain THC. Please find more information on Rick Simpson THC oil by reading other people’s experiences.

Your results can help others

Your experiences and results with hemp oil, weed oil (other names for the same product) and CBD oil will help others make the right choices. We feel it is important getting as many people as possible acquainted with this product.
A specific application of CBD oil which is significant to you may also be recognized by others. For instance, if you sleep better thanks to using CBD oil, this could be positive news for others who have trouble sleeping. By sharing your unique results, you could help others.

Do you have some excellent results? Share it with us and other website visitors. Please contact us or send us an e-mail. Please include your permission to share your experiences with CBD on our website.

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