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CBD + Chaga Venus + Black Appleberry

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CBD Extract + Medicinal Mushrooms


90 Capsules


900 mg CBD + 10:1 Chaga extract + 260 mg Black Appleberry extract


Light brown


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Black jar with twist cap closure


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Black chokeberry and Chaga capsules

What is Chaga?

Chaga are medicinal mushrooms that grow on birch trunks in cold regions, particularly the Scandinavian countries. Chaga mushrooms, because of its amazing medicinal properties, have been used for thousands of years by indigenous peoples around the world, especially in Russia, Canada and Alaska.

The mushroom Chaga contains multiple medical properties, especially when combined with CBD. Chaga extract naturally contains: Polysaccharides (multiple natural sugars that are good for the body), Antioxidants (these trap free pollutant radicals), Betulinic acid (can be considered natural chemo as it destroys bad cells and restores injured cells), Phytosterol (cholesterol-stabilizing and lowering plant substances), Melanin (protect the skin from UV radiation) and natural testosterone.

What is Black chokeberry?

Black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) is an herb traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. The bush grows especially in Eastern and North American areas. It has several names, including schisandra chinensis and schisandra berry. Black chokeberry is extracted from the fruit of the schisandra chinensis herb. These fruits are rich in various substances, including lignans, triterpenoids and phenols, as well as antioxidants such as vitamin C.

Studies show that black chokeberry has a positive effect on liver function, especially combined with CBD. The herb can help reduce liver damage caused by alcohol or viruses. Black chokeberry can also cause drugs to work better.

In addition, black chokeberry also has a positive effect on the skin. The herb can help prevent skin aging and can improve skin elasticity. Black chokeberry also helps treat acne and eczema. Black chokeberry is traditionally used in Chinese medicine, but more and more scientific research shows that the herb also has a number of positive health effects. In fact, black chokeberry can also improve the body’s resistance.


Chaga Capsules

Our highest quality Chaga capsules consist of a fantastic combination of CBD + Chaga Venus + Black Appleberry. In fact, each capsule contains a high dose of CBD from organically grown hemp plants, Chaga Venus and black chokeberry. This Chaga capsules have a great effect according to research and experience of numerous users.

CBD is a cannabinoid that can be extracted from the cannabis plant. This cannabinoid has no psychoactive effects. Chaga Capsules with CBD, Chaga Venus and black chokeberry work together to give you optimal support.


How many Chaga capsules should I take?

Requesting a free consultation is wise to know exactly how many Chaga capsules you should take. The correct dosage depends on several factors. During a free consultation you will be provided with professional advice and guidance. Most people have enough with 20mg per capsule once or twice a day. Our advice is not to use the Chaga capsules more than twice a day.


The advantage of capsules

Cannabisolie.com is the first Dutch provider with CBD capsules containing Chaga powder that feature a stomach acid-resistant coating. These capsules are completely organic and natural. This stomach acid-resistant layer promotes bio-absorption and also provides protection against stomach acid. Thanks to this layer, the capsule will reach the stomach without being broken down by stomach acid. Only after 2 minutes does the capsule release in the intestinal region. The active ingredients are effectively absorbed by the body when the capsule is released. With CBD oil, the oil will have to be absorbed by the mucous membranes first. This may take about 2 to 5 minutes. CBD oil and CBD capsules both work the same way. The incorporation time of both forms of administration differs slightly.

CBD in capsule form is also easy to dose, odorless, tasteless and packed with vitamins and minerals. Our capsules contain these ingredients:

  1. 20mg CBD
  2. 9mg CBDv
  3. 1mg CBG
  4. Love 1000% ADH
  5. Zinc 48mg 150% RDA
  6. Vitamin C 125% RDA
  7. Vitamin B12 5.52mg 200% RDA
  8. Vitamin D3 25mcg 500% RDA
  9. Sodium Selenite 0.37mg 200% RDA

Are there any side effects?

With normal use of our Chaga capsules, there are no known side effects to date. Also, Chaga capsules contain no nuts or fats that can cause allergic reactions. By the way, Chaga capsules do not have euphoric effects, so you do not get “high” or “stoned.


Free consultation

Don’t forget that the Chaga capsules are shipped the same day if you order them before 11:00 pm. Shipping in the Netherlands is free. You can additionally pay safely, we have plenty of good reviews from satisfied customers and the current lab reports are always at your disposal. Are you still in doubt, reach out Then reach out to us or request a free consultation for expert advice.