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CBD + Cordyceps Energy + Ginseng

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CBD Extract + Medicinal Mushrooms


90 Capsules


900 mg CBD + 10:1 Cordyceps extract + 240 mg 4:1 Ginseng root extract


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For human


Black jar with twist cap closure


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Cordyceps and Ginseng Capsules


What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps is a special medicinal mushroom that grows in the mountains of Nepal and Tibet. The herb has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Cordyceps contains several substances including polysaccharides, adenosine, cordyceptins and cordycepic acid. These substances cause the herb to have a number of positive effects on health.

Studies show that cordyceps sinensis or cordyceps militaris can help reduce the risk of pneumonia, reduce allergic reactions and lower cholesterol. Cordyceps can also cause you to sleep better, increase your energy levels and promote energy production at the cellular level. Cordyceps can also promote improved oxygen uptake of the cell, improve blood flow and circulation of all organ systems, increase the immune and neuroendocrine systems, as well as acting as an aphrodisiac, potency enhancer and depression reliever.


What is Ginseng?

Ginseng is an herb that grows in South and North Korea, Asia, Siberia and northeastern China. Ginseng has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The herb can grow in both cold and hot areas and contains several substances including saponins, phytosterols, polysacids and ginsenosides. These substances cause ginseng to have a number of positive effects on health.

Studies show that Korean ginseng can help reduce stress, promote cognitive function, stimulate insulin production and regulate blood pressure. Ginseng can also have a positive effect on the skin, helping to prevent skin aging and eczema. In addition, ginseng also acts as a virustatic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Ginseng is an adaptogen that, finally, can be considered a neuroprotector and inflammation tuner.


Cordyceps and Ginseng capsules

Our cordyceps and ginseng capsules contain CBD + Cordyceps Energy + Ginseng. Cordyceps capsules contain high doses of CBD from organic hemp, ginseng and cordyceps. Ginseng capsules, by the way, are increasingly ordered by our customers. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant. In the case of CBD-containing products, unfortunately, we are not allowed to make medical claims. After all, we are not allowed by law to state anything about the effects and applications of cordyceps capsules or ginseng capsules on our website, but the countless positive experiences of our customers already says a lot.


How many cordyceps capsules should I take?

How many cordyceps capsules or ginseng capsules should you take? It depends on your personal situation. Through a free consultation we can check together what your ideal dosage is and to what extent cordyceps supplements are ideal for you. For most people, 20mg per capsule is sufficient, once or twice a day. We recommend taking the cordyceps and ginseng capsules no more than 2 times in a day.


The advantage of capsules

We are the first Dutch provider to have CBD capsules with a stomach acid resistant coating. Each capsule is 100% organic and natural, you are choosing an entirely plant-based product. Thanks to the stomach acid resistant layer, bio-absorption is promoted. The stomach is also protected from stomach acid. Thanks to this protective layer, the capsule will only break down in the stomach. This process takes an average of 2 minutes. Once in the stomach, the capsule is released. When the capsule is released, all active ingredients will be absorbed effectively. If you look at the absorption of CBD oil, it goes through the mucous membranes and takes 2 to 5 minutes. The action of CBD oil and CBD capsules is the same, although the incorporation time may differ.

With CBD capsules, you can still assume a simple dosage and content different types of vitamins and minerals. Finally, the capsules are odorless and tasteless. Each CBD capsule from us contains:

  1. 20mg CBD
  2. 9mg CBDv
  3. 1mg CBG
  4. Love 1000% ADH
  5. Zinc 48mg 150% RDA
  6. Vitamin C 125% RDA
  7. Vitamin B12 5.52mg 200% RDA
  8. Vitamin D3 25mcg 500% RDA
  9. Sodium Selenite 0.37mg 200% RDA


Are there any side effects?

No, you should not expect any unpleasant side effects if you use our cordyceps capsules according to the instructions. Cordyceps capsules also contain no nuts or fats that could cause an allergic reaction. From the cordyceps and ginseng capsules, by the way, you will not get a “high” since cordyceps is not psychoactive.


Free consultation

Remember, the cordyceps capsules or ginseng capsules will be shipped today if you order them before 11 p.m. Deliveries in the Netherlands of our products are free of charge. In addition, you can pay safely, we have ample good reviews from satisfied customers and the current lab reports are always available. Still have questions? If so, please take a moment contact with our experts or ask for a free consultation for tailored professional advice.