CBD zalf 1000mg 25ml



25 ml



The ointment is made from only natural products that encourage absorption into the skin. Due to the combination, of nature’s best, we see that this ointment resonates perfectly with the skin. The ointment has added Shea butter, Cocos fat, Lanolin, Jojoba oil, Beeswax and vitamin E. This ointment is handmade and released in small batches. It is therefore a very exclusive product. In addition to all these beautiful natural substances, it contains no less than 1000mg of exclusive Cannabis Hemp extract consisting of CBD and CBDV. This combination in particular has a very positive effect on the overall performance of this ointment. Due to the large amount of active Canabinoids, this is a product that can be used to good effect in major skin complaints. The product can be enjoyed for a long time, as a small amount of the product already has sufficient friction surface. Experience this beautiful natural ointment for yourself.